I am a self taught jewellery designer offering a highly personalised service to my customers.
The first ever thing I made was a birthday present for my wife. It is strewn with hidden meaning and went down so well I’m still making jewellery now!

STYLE I never been comfortable with selling myself, as with most things I do - I see is room for improvement… But, if I had to describe my technique or my style, I would say I love working the metal into highly polished three dimensional curves, often starting off as bold shapes such as triangles and squares. I use hand files a lot, I like that they produce more flowing results that are often described as organic and natural. SKILLS I would describe my ideas and design process as impulsive and intuitive, preferring to go with what feels good and will produce a piece that is suited to the wearer. Small and dainty don’t really do it for me, I much prefer to make an impact. The pieces I produce are all hand cast and hand worked original designs. HANDMADE My designs are often carved from jewellers wax first, this is then used to make a clay mould into which Sterling silver is cast. Then the designs are hand filed and polished to a mirror finish. INFLUENCES My influences vary greatly, I do like things that are 'clever' especially if they are beautiful and clever. Pinterest I find is great for quickly pinning an idea for later, a picture speaks a thousand words and all that! Facebook will have the most up-to-date news and images on it, as I can send photos and stuff straight from my phone... I often do. - Take a look!


Bespoke design service
Highly personalised memorial locket design
Pieces designed around a clients own gems or significant objects.


A ladybird memorial locket I made for a customer, it was so complicated I thought it best to send her some instructions...


Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear , England
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